About Us

The evolution of architectural design throughout the generations will always be inevitable, but the traditional materials used to build them remain the same. Marble, a metamorphic rock, formed by heat and force, is one of the traditional stones used to build different infrastructures throughout history.

The quality of this stone has been trusted for centuries. This rock is one of nature’s wonders and its market value never depreciates because of its beautiful and useful characteristics. Due to its sparkling and gleaming properties, early engineers and architects found it aesthetically the stone of choice to use for elegant and decorative looks. It has been used for carving sculptures, building fine homes, natural stone tiles, garden decorations, and constructing beautiful monuments. Even today, this natural stone is still a symbol of wealth, beauty, and prestige. It will always have its place in the decorative architectural business and it is still widely used in the market.

Love for pristine beauty and the undisturbed magnificence of natural stones captivated and inspired Yasin Kalac to start a great company. In pursuit for quality stones to build his kitchen and bathroom, Yasin made it his quest to find the right material until he finally found the stone that best fits his taste. The company Redstone was birthed out of that quest and Yasin’s passion for natural stones such as marble. Yasin continues the endless and relentless pursuit for beauty and quality through his company, Redstone, to supply the best natural stonework to his customers.

Redstone is located in Eindhoven, Netherlands and caters to provide the Amsterdam area market with high quality natural stone Eindhoven products. Redstone designs and builds different infrastructures such as buildings, homes, gardens, etc. You name it: they provide a wide range of different stones first hand. You can never go wrong upon choosing Redstone for quality because they have the top stone artists you could trust.

Redstone materials are widely used for interior designing, such as natural stone bathroom and for exterior designing, such as natural stone tiles gardens. Equipped with all knowledge about interior and exterior designs, the company also collaborates with the finest architects in giving the right advice to their clients on how they could utilize natural rocks in designing their dream place. Redstone Company caters a wide range of customers in the market, from small to big projects, every project treated with the same attention and importance because no customer is too big or too small.

Aesthetically and quality-wise, Redstone provides the finest service with its marble and other exquisite natural stones. It is a perfect way to enjoy nature’s fruit in its best form. From picturesque natural stone landscapes to the polished gleam of your kitchen counters; from the hearth of your home to the breath taking monument; Redstone will surely satiate your taste and will never leave you unpleased.

You can never go wrong in choosing Redstone Company for your stone design needs and they will gladly entertain your requirements for the project that you aspire.