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5 reasons why you should get Ziptrak blinds

Renovating or moving into a new space entails the selection of what to dress over the windows. There are many options to choose from, but you will ultimately have to decide between blinds or curtains. However, for outdoor windows and glass doors, blinds are usually the best option. Aside from providing privacy and functionality, they also add a more contemporary look to your home. You can have them custom-made for your home using Ziptrak blinds Melbourne has, Australia’s leading brand for blinds.



Ziptrak blinds melbourne



Here are more reasons why you should get blinds for your home, whether it’s for outdoor, indoor, or awning use:

1. Custom-made for your home

All Ziptrak blinds Melbourne offers can be custom-made to fit your windows and glass doors. You have the option to choose what type of blinds you want, as well as the colour, materials, and dimensions. For the authentic Ziptrak brand, contact a reputable blinds installer near you. They will offer an initial consultation, measurement and quotation, and professional installation services.

2. Lightweight and easy to operate

Despite using sturdy materials, Ziptrak blinds Melbourne homes usually use are surprisingly lightweight and easy to operate. Most of the weight disappears due to their patented spring-balance system. They don’t require cranks as well, which are difficult and time-consuming to operate.

3. Stops at any height

One of the reasons why customers choose Ziptrak and bistro blinds Melbourne has is because they stop at any height. You can leave them at any position on the track and they won’t slide back or have to be closed all the way down. All you have to do is adjust the height of the blinds and let it go, since they will automatically stop at your desired height.

4. Reduces energy bills

Installing Ziptrak roller blinds is also an energy-efficient solution to regulate the temperature inside your home or office. During summer, it shades you from the sunlight without trapping the heat inside, so the air conditioner doesn’t have to work double time. During winter, blinds help keep the warmth inside the room.

5. No rattling in the wind

Outdoor blinds can be annoying during windy days because of the rattling sound they produce. Ziptrak blinds, on the other hand, will not rattle in the wind. The outdoor blinds have a patented design that grips tight to the vertical tracks, so they stay quiet and intact even during strong winds. They also lock into place when they are pulled all the way down, providing a secure hold.

When it comes to buying and installing blinds for your home or office, Ziptrak blinds are the best option that you can have. Their design is often imitated, but their functionality and efficiency cannot be copied.

It’s important to find a blinds installer that sells authentic Ziptrak blinds as well. Crystal Image Blinds is an official Ziptrak blinds seller and professional installer in Australia. Their quality service and custom-made blinds and awmings are perfect for outdoor and indoor use. Visit their website to know what they can offer you for your home. For more details, visit at https://www.crystalimageblinds.com.au/ziptrak-blinds/.

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